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The Valivalam Desikar Polytechnic College was established in the year 1958 under the auspices of the Valivalam Desikar Educational Trust. Our founder Thiru K.M.Desikar, B.A., a noted Philanthropist, established this institution with the aim of giving technical education to the rural students mostly of agrarian families. The revenue return from the wet lands of the trust is the source to meet a portion of management share of the recurring expenditure of the polytechnic college. The remaining portion of the recurring and non-recurring expenditure for the development activities are met from the State government grant.

Thiru A. Appasamy, son-in-law of our founder Thiru K.M.Desikar, B.A., senior legal heir of the family was acting as the chairman of Valivalam Desikar Polytechnic College since 1984. From 2004, after the demise of Tmt. A. Kanagammal daughter of our founder, Thiru A. Appasamy became the Chairman of Board of Trusts including that of the Valivalam Desikar Educational Trust.

We are fortunate to have the strong backing of the Management, headed by Tmt. Ezhilarasi Manoharan grand daughter of our founder and daughter of our chairman Board of Trusts . Our Chair-person and the esteemed members of the Governing council stand by us in all our endeavors by continually guiding, encouraging and inspiring us.

We are very proud that Dr. S. Pandarinathan., B.Sc.,B.Tech.,PhD., our beloved Principal is a kind hearted unique dynamic personality in administration, expert in law, born teacher, good guide, good philosopher, well versed in ‘Vaasthu’, practical Civil Engineer, well known spiritualist, performing ‘Yaagam’ for the welfare of the people, and a noble man.


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